5 Secrets To Take Unormal Pictures

6 Secrets To Take Unnormal Pictures 

Today the smartphones have a camera with beautiful features, how you can use it to take pictures and share it with your friends, only you need to know some secrets to take a Creative pictures only with your smartphone, For this I suggest you a bunch of ways to achieve this objective 

1) Clone yourself into a single image

You can now and without use photoshop create a creative pictures, like Clone yourself into a single image with "Clone Camera" app

2) ultrazoom

Zooming capabilities of smart phones is very limited, so this feature in your phone may not give you the result you want, buy in digital microscope for smartphones, to take perfect long-distance photos with your phone. ( on amazon )

3) Reflector 

Professional photographers have many professional devices that help them take creative pictures, but for biginners they can exploiting anything to make these materials, for example you can make a reflector  from scrap such as sun reflector own car!

4) Headphones and stick

You can take pictures of yourself without help, only using headphones and selfie stick.

5) Underwater photography

Genius ideas does not end, if you do not have a smartphone can resistant water, you can use a transparent plastic bag for Underwater photography.

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